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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Does Testosterone cause prostate cancer?

No, Testosterone has been shown to elevate PSA levels at the beginning of treatment. Because of this, some early studies concluded that it caused prostate cancer. We now know that over time, the PSA levels reaches a saturation point and does not continue to rise even with supplementation. In fact, long-term testosterone supplementation can actually decreased PSA levels.

What happens if I continue taking the BHRT medicine?

There are many long-term health advantages to BHRT. These include increased stregth, stamina, improved lipid profile, decreased cardiovascular disease, decreased risk of Alzheimer's dementia, improved immune function, better sleep, etc.

What happens when I stop taking the BHRT medicine?

If an individual stops the medications, the laboratory values will return to their previous levels. The individual will lose any long-term benefit of the medications but will not suffer any detrimental effects. The individual may notice a loss in strength, energy, and overall well being.

Can I use my local pharmacy?

No, the medicine prescribed is compounded by a specialty compounding pharmacy. The compounded medications are bio-identical to the hormones naturally occurring in your body. They have exactly the same chemical composition and structure to what is present in your body. Therefore, they fit in the same receptor sites and do not require any enzymes to break them down or produce any unwanted chemical byproducts. This ensures the medication will do exactly what it was intended to do naturally.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

Will PRP grow new cartilage/tendon/ligament?

No. PRP is a highly concentrated injectable of autologous activate platelets. The injection contains high concentrations of growth factors present in our blood.

How much blood do I have to give?

For a standard one body part PRP injection a 60ml vial of venous blood is used. This is normally taken from a vein at the crease of the elbow, just like a normal lab blood draw.

Will I have any restrictions after the injection?

No, there will be specific aftercare recommendations that you will discuss with the doctor before treatment.

Is PRP different than the cortisone injections I am getting from my doctor?

Yes, PRP is a natural product of concentrated platelets taken from your blood. It contains growth factors that can stimulate a healing response. Cortisone is a catabolic protein that breaks down tissue it comes in contact with, including cartilage.

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